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Answers to Common Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most major insurances. We will perform an insurance verification for you to see the coverage you have. Schedule an appointment today and we will find out more about your specific coverage.

Do I have to get adjusted by hand? I am concerned with the force of an adjustment.

We have instruments that allow us to perform an adjustment at an extremely low level of force, while still accomplishing the necessary treatment goal. We’ve made it a priority to have options for patients who prefer a more gentle technique, without compromising the quality of care.

How long does an appointment take?

Individual appointments outside of the initial exam can range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on what therapies need to be done for your specific case. We realize that your time is valuable, so we make it our priority to get you in on time with little to no wait.

What is the “popping noise”?

The popping noise is simply gas being released from the joints being adjusted. It’s completely harmless, and is a result of the small gapping in the joint.

Is it safe to be adjusted?

Chiropractors have some of the lowest rates of malpractice insurance among all healthcare providers. Malpractice is determined based of risk of treatment, making chiropractic one of the safest forms of healthcare on the planet.


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