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Dynamic Spine Chiropractic Health Center Testimonials

What Our Sioux Falls Patients Are Saying About Chiropractic Care.

“Dr. Jeff is kind, caring, and patient. Every time he adjusted me he made sure to inform and educate me about my spine and what he was doing. He is not only a fantastic Doctor, but one of a kind person! I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone in the area!”- K. A.  


“Dr Jeff at Dynamic Spine was awesome. He is one of the hardest working doctors that has taken care of me. Whether your looking to get out of neck pain, low back pain, or any kind of pain, i would highly recommend Dr Jeff. He will help you meet your goals.”- Tony N.

“Dr. Jeff is an amazing chiropractor. He is a driven, hard working, and caring doctor making sure to put your quality of care and health goals above all else. If you are ever dealing with any aches or pains he is your guy. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeff at Dynamic Spine!”- Evan N.

“Dr. Jeff is an outstanding chiropractor! He has done so much for me and my health. He is very knowledgeable and a true expert in what he does. Highly recommend Dr. Jeff!” - Seth L.


“Dr. Jeff saved me from potentially needing surgery for carpal tunnel. After a couple of months I am pain and numbness FREE and no pain meds. He also visited my work and made recommendations which helped greatly. Dr. Jeff and Hannah are very caring people who treat the whole person. I have brought my husband and children to him as well. I would highly recommend this clinic.”- Lisa K. 


“Dr. Jeff was an answer to a prayer. I had stopped going to my past chiropractor (of many years) as I was tired with the routine treatments, and no change in condition. Dr. Jeff noted 10 subluxations in my initial x-rays. After a personalized correction within 3 months, I feel amazing and the x-rays prove the improvements made. Hannah and Dr. Jeff make a great team and I am a firm believer in Dr. Jeff’s expertise and knowledge! Many Thanks!”- Coleen W.


“I had neck pain and stiffness in my upper back and throughout my trapezoids, to the point daily activities, sleeping, and routine exercises were extremely difficult and painful. After only 6 treatments thus far, Dr. Watson has been able to alleviate my symptoms about 100%! I feel so much better, and really never thought I would recover this good, or this quickly either!”- Sam S. 


“Dr. Jeff is very knowledgeable and very willing to share his knowledge with each individual case. He and his wife Hannah, seemed like family from the start!” - Charles Z. 


“Thank you Dr. Watson! I came to Dynamic Spine because of a Facebook offer I saw. I was in extreme pain due to a lower back issue of unknown causes. I live on a farm so cause could be any number of things. Dr. Watson x-rayed my back and found I had a substantial damage to my L5-S1 causing compression on my nerves. I immediately began a treatment plan and after 1 week, felt major improvement – after about 10 treatments, the progress sort of plateaued but we continued the course of treatments and exercises. Now at re-evaluations of new x-rays, major changes are visible and I feel 100% better. Days go by where I feel NO PAIN. Prior to treatment, sitting was painful; sleeping hurt, I was irritable because everything hurt. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Watson and his program.”- Heather S.


“Before coming to Dynamic Spine I was having terrible headaches and neck pain. After just a few weeks my headaches disappeared and my neck pain lessened significantly. After two months of being adjusted my before and after pictures showed great progress. I enjoy coming to Dynamic Spine because Hannah and Dr. Jeff are very welcoming and always work hard to make accommodations to scheduling. I would recommend Dynamic Spine to anyone with neck and spine problems!”- Emily A. 


“I developed scoliosis when I was around 14, while I have received hundreds of treatments over the years with chiropractors, I was aware that I was limiting myself in what I was able to do. I was unable to walk more than several yards before my lower back would seize and I would have to sit down briefly. It wasn’t painful, just impossible to continue walking. Then I met Dr. Jeff Watson.  I was fairly skeptical but thought it was worth a try if I would then be walking the rest of my life. We noticed a difference in posture after just a couple of weeks. Then one day I had something happen, I have had to lift my left leg to get in my car and suddenly I didn’t need to anymore. It was possible and it was painless! It definitely showed me that I could still change. Now I got to Dr. Watson for regular check-ups . I do yoga and back exercises daily and the combination has been life changing for me. I make a point of parking at work a long way from the door and I can walk it (uphill) easily. I will always have scoliosis but it will no longer define my lifestyle.”- Linda C.  


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